Bear Hunt 2017

Hi everyone, here is a brief Bear Hunt update!  Stands were set well in advance and anticipation ran high as all baits were being hit daily up to the hunt.  Heavy rain and big time weather changes came in the day before the hunt.  In fact, Day 1 brought hunters out of the woods freezing to death as the temperatures plummeted.  With the huge changes, the baits were left with only one hunter seeing a bear but no shots taken.

Day 2 brought heat, sun and another change.  Blueberry and Rasberries have exploded adding another change to the scenery, but 3 hunters saw Bears in their stands and 2 of them were successful!!  Micky shot a beautiful 160 pound Bear while Keith’s Bear tipped the scale at 335 dressed weight.  The excitement ran high as day 3 neared.

Day 3 brought yet more changes, and hunters saw Bears while getting into their stands.  But as luck would have it, rain came by mid-afternoon and by early evening heavy rain blanketed the region, thus ending day 3 with no Bears seen.  The rain continued through the night and did not end until late morning.  The Frostick’s chose to head for home without filling their tags, but awesome memories that will last a lifetime!  With the rain, Day 4 was a wash as hunters chose to stay in camp.

Day 5 came in and the remaining 2 hunters, Donna and Henry, heading to the woods.  Henry’s stand was moved to his other bait while Donna stood firm on her first chosen bait.  Larry, Keith and I wandered around and found awesome blueberries and the bushes were full of fresh plump berries and we all filled our bellies, lucky no Bears were in that patch!  No luck at the baits, maybe tomorrow.

Day 6, here we go again, now we get heat up into the upper 80’s and while baits were hit when we went in, no bears were seen.  About 5:30 the clouds built quickly and strong storms hit us shortly before 7 pushing us out of the woods.  As we drove back to Happy Camp, the water filled the roads and much mud pushed us around but we did make it back safely.

So Day 7 is upon us, sunny now and fingers are crossed in hopes that the weather stabilizes and the Bears start to feed.  With the Solar eclipse coming today, maybe we will have our first Eclipse bear taken, time will tell eh!

As far as fishing, it has been up and down as well with some days many walleyes biting to other days they are very tight lipped.  We have had a couple of fish frys so we are not going hungry.

We continue to be amazed at the wonderful people who find their way to Happy Camp.  From the youngest one here, Aiden at 18 months, Bonnie his great grandma, and Larry who works hard each day to please everyone but himself,  each of you bring something special to our Camp and we can not thank you enough for choosing to come and hunt, fish, give the dogs an ear scratch or belly rub or just spend time with us, thank you everyone!

So as we will end our hunt at the end of the week, we look to the future and as of now, there are only a few spots left for 2018 Bear hunt, so if you are truly looking for an adventure of a lifetime and a hunt or fishing trip that is second to none, shoot us a message or give us a call to save your spot to Come and Catch the Good Life with Us at Beautiful Happy Camp Ontario.

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