June 11 Update

Hi Folks, Catfish Chris at Happy Camp Ontario with this weeks fishing report.    Weather has been erratic with temps into the low 80’s late last week, and today temps in the low 50’s.

Water temps we are at 64 on Saturday, but tonight they struggled to stay above 60.  So weed growth is slow in coming along, but when they are coming along.    The first Mayfly of the year have started this evening.  Walleye have been caught in the wood, mud, rocks and edge of weeds in depths from 3-25 feet.  In fact, tonight Magoo and I fished the deep drop out from Prick Lake and where they sand met the mud the fish were hanging there and we caught a handful of fish in the 23 foot range.  The majority of walleye are on the smaller side, with some fish not quite 18 inches.

Pike are starting to hit hard, but many of them still pecking at spinner baits.  The other night while fishing Flanders River, Pike were caught on almost every cast up to about 30 inches.

It looks like the Speckle Trout numbers are good and while the water is a bit dirty from yesterday’s rain, forecast calls for no rain for a few days and the clarity will improve.

Black Flies and Mosquitos are very intense, so bring your best bug dope, nets and anything else that works for you to keep them away!

Bear and Moose are out and about.  We have seen 3 Bull Moose, one real nice one and a couple hefty bears in our travels.  No Caribou yet, but rumor has it a herd has made its way to the area?

Soon we will get busy for the year, and only a few spots remain for fisherman, so if you are looking for great adventure, give us a call or shoot an email to save your spot and Come and Catch the Good Life with Us at Happy Camp Ontario!

Until next time, hug your hounds, take care and drive safe Happy Campers!

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