Are You Ready!!

Hi Folks from cool, windy Happy Camp Ontario!  Yes the heat and humidity is gone and the strong north winds are howling as I write!  As we slowly inch towards Bear Hunt 2017, here is the latest update!

We had a few fishermen in camp and Micki brought back a Pike of a lifetime, a 42 inch 16 pound monster that he is having mounted over in Hearst!  While fishing was tough during the heat, they did manage enough fish for a fabulous fry the other night!!  I did get out with my mom the other day, and we caught lots of fish, Pike and Walleye using various techniques and did see a huge Pike in the 20 pound range and caught numerous walleyes over 20 inches, but we did manage to bring back enough for supper and for mom to take back to Wisconsin!

Bear baits are going well, many nice Bear on cameras as well as our first Moose and of course the Wolves.  In fact, earlier this week, some real bug chubs are on camera, hope they don’t stray too far before Bear Hunt 2017 begins on August 15th!!!

Speaking of Bear Hunt 2017, I got word earlier this week that the Bear Czar, Happy Camp’s Pal Larry will be joining us for the hunt!  Larry’s woodsman’s skills, hunting prowess and absolute mastery of the Bears is simply second to none and we are blessed to know and have him in our camp!  Now if we can only figure out how to keep him out of the Bear Bait, we will have enough for the Bears to eat!!!

The Blueberries have exploded and ripe all over the place.  We picked some the other day and a pie was had during dinner the other night along with some Speckle Trout, ooh they are so tasty!!

Interesting in our time at Happy Camp Ontario, I have not seen many songbirds except the occasional Robin, Flicker and Whiskey Jacks.  But alas, this evening there are Junco’s and an OvenBird sitting near the Flowers eating bugs, so cool!!

As we begin the hunting season, we do have a cabin open for the Moose hunt, so if anyone is looking for the best place in all of WMU 21B, shoot us a message or give us a call to save that spot for you!

As the camp is quiet for a few days until Bear hunters start coming in next week, we will be busy Bear Baiting, working on the Game Pole, docks, decks and much more.  If you are in the area, stop by and help us, heck we never turn away good help and most likely will feed you supper and take you fishing if you wish!

Sadly, our annual Take a Vet outing missed this year and we need to say thank you to all of the vets for your service and providing our safety and freedom!  Now get your butts back to camp and lets laugh, live, fish and play like only the Vets can do!!

So with that Happy Campers, I will stop the fingers and turn on the Brewers, they still are hanging in there and it is almost September, what is up with that!

Thank you for choosing to come to Happy Camp Ontario and look forward to seeing many of you again!  Take care and whatcha waiting for, give us a call or shoot us a message soon to Come and Catch the Good Life with Us at Happy Camp Ontario!!!




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