Wolf Hunt Anyone

Brrr and Good day Happy Campers!  It is quite chilly this morning, about 40 but sunny and brilliant blue this brisk July morning!  Yes I did say July, and the weather is the weirdest we have ever seen.  From winds, pouring rain, heat, humidity, and now chilly days, from day to day we never know what we are going to get!  Guess it is just like fishing, you never know what is tugging at the end of your line?  It could be a Pike, Perch, Walleye, Trout, or other beast that lurks beneath the surface.  Heck it could be the people fishing in your boat who have caught your line, haha!!!

Earlier this week we had to move all the Campers vehicles to the south side of the lodge as the wind whipped the trees around like leaves falling off a tree, reminded me of October a few years ago when the largest tree in the yard slammed down after a strong blow, thank god there was no trucks in the way at that time!  With the weird weather, berries are way behind, and just the other night while taking the girls for a swim, Magoo and I noticed a flock of around 20 Black Ducks working the marsh east of the beach, something never seen here at Happy Camp!

Fishing continues to be up and down, some days lots of eater size walleye coming in with some Perch, then the next only a few.  The continued Mayfly hatch keep the fishes bellies full, so you really have to tease them to eat.  Walleye up to 24 inch came into camp last week.  Pike too, are sometimes eager other times not, which is also weird, but hey that’s fishing, right!

Bear baiting is going well, all baits are being hit on a regular basis.  Although we have lost access west of Fraser River for hunting, we have worked hard and have new baits going strong.  We do have an influx of wolves, thus the title for this bit, if anyone is interested in coming Wolf hunting let me know as they certainly are eating our bait.  Heck they are even there during the days now just like the bears!

Speaking of Bears, I saw a nice chap yesterday in my baiting.  He was walking in a grassy area and did not notice me until I beeped the horn, he lifted his head and vanished into the woods.  The cameras are showing some interesting pictures and the Yoga bear certainly is an odd one, don’t you think Bear hunters?

So with much to do, baits, roofs, furnace, docks, and such, it is time to get going.  Fishing is still great, so if you want to have a date with a Walleye, Pike, Perch or Brookie, give us a call or shoot us a message to save your spot to Come and Catch the Good Life with Us at Happy Camp Ontario!

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