Happy 4th

Hi and Happy 4th of July Happy Campers!  Summer is showing itself with some heat and heavy rain.  We have made it into the 80’s and finally today the sun shined brightly.  The bugs are still fierce as ever so bring your favorite bug dope along everyone.

Fishing was red hot but has slowed a whole bunch due to the massive Mayfly Hatch that found its way to White Otter Lake Saturday morning.  Walleyes who were eager to feed have filled their bellies with mayflies and this should last for a few weeks.  Although the bite is tough, Rooster and his clan were able to catch a handful late Saturday night and left a couple for dinner, thanks Rooster!

The Pike are aggressive and becoming more numerous.  They can be caught on spinner, cranks or Top waters.  Although the Walleye are a mystery, we have a few ideas to toss to our fishermen to help them provide a fish fry or 2 during their stay with us!

Al and I went after Trout last week and found some dandies in the White Otter River.  They were caught on spinners and worms.  In addition, during my Bear baiting I have found the Fraser River that looks absolutely fantastic for Trout, so lets get after them!

The Archery Moose crew found lots of sign during their stay last week.  In fact, one of them stated he has never seen so many tracks.  In our travels they found Bulls, Cows and Calves and have lots of ideas to adventure on this September.  In addition, they did find a nice dead Bull along Fry Road.  Ed, Al and I spent the better part of last Friday cutting off the horns that are now hanging and drying near camp.  As one local hunter told me, Damn, that boy would have been well over 60 inches come hunting season.  With that, please everyone drive safely!  A big thank you to the Moose Crew who helped fix the Game pole, do some construction items, go on some great adventures and an overall great time last week!

As we being Bear Baiting, bears are starting to be seen and a nice one was seen checking out the BMA.  Although we are full for the 2017 season, we are now taking reservations for the 2018 season.

The campers with us this week are local people and they enjoyed celebrating Canada Day and are spending time with their families playing games, catching up on old times or just hanging out!  Near the end of the week, they will take their crew to the annual Caramat Fish Derby!

That’s all for this week folks.  Enjoy your Independence day, take care and if you want an adventure, whatcha waiting for, give us a call or shoot us an email today to save your spot to Come and Catch the Good Life with Us at Happy Camp Ontario!


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