Good Day Happy Campers!  Winter is slowly marching away and today is Fat Tuesday, the eve of March and Lent.  So I hope all of you filled your bellies with fried walleye and coleslaw?

Now that sounds delicious doesn’t it, fresh fish at Happy Camp with potatoes and some cold beverage to wash them down!  It wont be long now and camp will be open and reels will be singing with sounds of drag being tugged from Walleye Northern or Perch!  Now that would be a Whopper of a Perch if it sounded the drag, don’t you think?

For 2017, our rates will remain the same, $220 per person per week.  In addition, we have a few Bear spots open and that rate is $1300 per hunt and that will start on August 15th unless we can swing a spring hunt, but it seems unlikely at this point!

We did have some damage from the weather to camp, the porch is in need of repair as is some of the roofs.  So there will be something to do, always seems to be a list isn’t there?

So as we march towards Happy Camp 2017, I want to invite you to check out what we have to offer and think you will be pleasantly surprised as we provide fantastic wilderness adventures that include fishing, hunting, berry picking, bird watching, hiking and most of all a relaxing, enjoyable time.  So whatcha waiting for, shoot us an email or a call today to save your spot to Catch the Good Life with Us at Happy Camp Ontario!!  Take care everyone.

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